Noticing A Pattern

Ever since I started on the whole social media but free and open source thing (which was February 15, 2020), it’s been an up and down thing. Mostly around the winter I am there, I am posting and talking to people, I am updating my description, and more importantly, I am posting here. This is easily noticable from the post dates as well, the one before this is Jan 30th last year, a couple before that is Feb 13th the year before. I think I registered this domain in 2020 as well, but didn’t post anything.

I don’t know why but winter-me just likes hanging out on the Fediverse and the general internet more. Wait I do know why, during the summer months I am actually out and about, sitting in the sun having a drink by the waterfront. Ain’t got time to post stuff when up early for work and up late to be social.

But what now?

Now I have to relearn Jekyll again and remember where and how I uploaded my stuff so that it’s visible to the entire world. This thing, I believe, is currently running from a storage zone in Bunny CDN, which means I don’t have a VPS running it. My selfhost-fanatic heart hates me for this and it’ll change in the future, but for now it’ll do.

Anyway, I guess I’m back, at least for a while. No one will remember my presence on Fosstodon and it’s impossible to see my posts from back in the day because apparently it was set to remove anything older than 2 months. Well…

Oh and by the way

I noticed that this domain was directing to some other side because I deleted the VPS it was hosted on and now the CDN says it’s been used quite a lot. Not enough to cost me additional money but it’s been busy. Sorry other people, I took my site back again.