Disappointing Revelations

I have written about this before, but want to go into a little more detail now. So let’s link to a post that’s about two years old now. In short, it describes my past with social media and how much I used to use Twitter. The account I wrote about in that post still existed as of a couple of days ago, and I decided to finally delete it. Hadn’t seen any activity in around 6 years but still just hadn’t gotten around to it.
26 Jan 2023

Opinion On Strikes And Labour

A strike in any industry should be supported by everyone that isn’t a business leader in that industry. And business leaders are only excluded here because they should be preventing these strikes from happening in the first place, by providing good benefits and pay to their workers.
20 Jan 2023

Work And Culture Shocks

Seeing as I’m back in the mental space of being active online, I thought I’d write a post on my offline life. I studied to be a teacher’s aide, after working even lower paying jobs I thought it would be cool to do something around small humans that can say funny shit. During school I discovered a lot of things about myself, one of which was that I had lost the feeling of wander, amazement. Small kids can be so immensely impressed or stunned by things that are completely mundane to adults, it’s wonderful to see.
17 Jan 2023

Noticing A Pattern

Ever since I started on the whole social media but free and open source thing (which was February 15, 2020), it’s been an up and down thing. Mostly around the winter I am there, I am posting and talking to people, I am updating my description, and more importantly, I am posting here. This is easily noticable from the post dates as well, the one before this is Jan 30th last year, a couple before that is Feb 13th the year before. I think I registered this domain in 2020 as well, but didn’t post anything.
15 Jan 2023

Designing Something New

I don’t think there’s something like a completely new, original and revolutionary concept in web design these days. So that’s absolutely not what I’m trying to do, not here and not on other projects. I am currently working on a sort of modular CSS structure for myself. A framework if you will. I might go and use it for this blog so that it has a use and so that I can extend it with things that I myself need. For now, it’s got a big Homepage pretty picture with a title, like you can often find on small blogs or online business card pages, there’s a flat cards layout, it responds to device size with navigation and layout, and I even started a little preferences thing.
30 Jan 2022

Break From Internet

The date on the last post before this one says that it was published on the 13th of February last year but that is very much untrue. Yes it was written before that and completely ready to be published on that date, but for some unknown reason I stopped. I stopped posting and checking on Mastodon a week or so later as well. Completely stopped social media, as that was all social media I had besides just messaging individual friends.
20 Jan 2022


Sometimes I feel a bit like Princess Carolyn from the show Bojack Horseman. I get that feeling, usually late at night right before I go to bed, that feeling of “You gotta get your shit together!” In the show I believe she says it in the morning, and the rest of the quote does not really fit my situation, but that first sentence, I can hear it in my mind for hours sometimes.
13 Feb 2021

Opensourcing My Social Life

A group of friends and I recently had the great idea of hanging out, but of course because of the whole deadly virus situation we couldn’t really do it in person. It’s literally illegal to go outside at night right now, so going out wasn’t possible. Also, we don’t really want to risk it. So the plan was to do it online. We had done that before, videocalling while playing a game, or using Teleparty/Netflix party to watch a movie together while chatting. This worked great.
10 Feb 2021

Impostor Syndrome

Life on the Fediverse or the Social Cloud is interesting. For me this is the first time I participated in an online social network for a couple of years. Long ago I was an avid Twitter user, before all the crazies, bots and advertising took over. And I mean avid.
05 Feb 2021

A First Post

I’ve had blogs multiple times in my life, some public, some private. Some dedicated to a subject, some pretty general. Some for multiple years, some for a week and then forgotten about. I currently have one still running about a little travelling I did, I’m kinda moving it from where it runs now into a whole new system.