Privacy stuff

I do my best to track you as little as possible, like I want the sites I visit to do.

However much I would like to tell you I don’t track anything at all, this site does have some analytics, done by myself using Matomo. You are free to block the domain using whatever method you use to block your ads and trackers. My own PiHole blocked it by default because it had stats in the name. I’ve set Matomo to listen to do-not-track requests from your browser and it filters the last 2 sets of digits out of any IP address it sees, to take care of any personal information. The IP I’m currently using would be “” according to Matomo. Again, I don’t want your data.

Any image, JavaScript and CSS files on this site might be loaded from a CDN, which means it is slightly out of my control what they do with your info. The stuff I get access to at the CDN is your general location (country), the datacenter your shit is routed through and again, your IP address with the last couple of digits removed. What information they get, I don’t know. That’s why I’m not really using images on this site.

Oh and I’m trying to make this whole deal independent of JavaScript, so it completely works without. That’s a thing.