Opensourcing My Social Life

A group of friends and I recently had the great idea of hanging out, but of course because of the whole deadly virus situation we couldn’t really do it in person. It’s literally illegal to go outside at night right now, so going out wasn’t possible. Also, we don’t really want to risk it. So the plan was to do it online. We had done that before, videocalling while playing a game, or using Teleparty/Netflix party to watch a movie together while chatting. This worked great.
10 Feb 2021

Impostor Syndrome

Life on the Fediverse or the Social Cloud is interesting. For me this is the first time I participated in an online social network for a couple of years. Long ago I was an avid Twitter user, before all the crazies, bots and advertising took over. And I mean avid.
05 Feb 2021

A First Post

I’ve had blogs multiple times in my life, some public, some private. Some dedicated to a subject, some pretty general. Some for multiple years, some for a week and then forgotten about. I currently have one still running about a little travelling I did, I’m kinda moving it from where it runs now into a whole new system.